Quick Dating Tips – Learn to Dance

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Ladies LOVE men who can dance.

Okay, fine. MY kind of lady loves men who can dance.

You know, the beautiful, fun, long-legged dancing types of ladies.

Anyway, have you ever been the guy watching someone bust a move at a club/dance party/warehouse gang fight thinking “holy shit I wish that was me?”

Warehouse gang fights are legit, yo.

Well, my rhythmless brotha, this article is for you.

For 17 years I was that guy that I described, sitting on the sidelines awkwardly hopping around like I was having a seizure (and accidentally making fun of everyone actually having seizures) – too shy to even think of trying to learn anything about dancing. Flailing my arms and doing the Humpty Dance (which, admittedly, I still do, though much more effectively) was good enough for me.

Every time an opportunity to learn came up, I shot myself down.

What if I…

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