Teaching a Course on Arabic Graphic Novels

Teaching a Course on Arabic Graphic Novels


One of my favorite readers wrote in to say that he’s planning a course focused around Arabic graphic novels. Please add your recommendations; my list is very Egypt-centric:

Graphic novels or novellas

madinaA City Neighboring Earth, (مدينة مجاورة الأرض) by Jorj Abu Mhayya, Dar Onboz, Lebanon. This won the prestigious 2012 International Comics Book Festival of Algeria (FIBDA) book award for a work in Arabic. See more here.

Metro (مترو), by Magdy al-Shafee, published by The Comic Shop. This fast-paced genre fiction shows us a world of corruption, sexual harassment, and hopelessness, and faced banning, fines, and its own harassment from the Egyptian government. It is now finally available in Arabic again in Cairo, in addition to English and Italian.

downloadApartment in Bab El-Louk (في شقة باب اللوق) by Donia Maher, Ganzeer, and Ahmed Nady. This is a beautiful noir-esque work that’s as much poetry as prose, and…

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