New Year, New Start, New Theme!

New Year, New Start, New Theme!

The Book Wars

Happy New Year, lovelies!


I mentioned on Twitter that I was the worst possible choice to do this month’s introduction post since the theme happens to be MIDDLE-GRADE MADNESS and I, uh, *coughing* *hacking* *collapses on floor* MayNotHaveReadAMiddleGradeBookSinceSeptember. *ahem*

And yet, I am can state with complete confidence that MIDDLE-GRADE MADNESS (yes, I am contractually obliged to scream that at you every time) will be awesome:

  • Nafiza has a bunch of exciting reviews lined up, along with a book list, and a discussion post on MG lit vs. YA lit.
  • Janet has a towering pile of MG books she will (eventually) pick and choose from, though she tells us to look forward to a post on Penelope Lively.
  • The future stretches out like a stressful fun question mark for Steph and I, but I’m sure we will partake in the MADNESS that is this month’s theme. I mean …

… just…

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